(Ice cream rolls-Sweet repes and Hot dog Crepes-Hot chocolate-Coffee)

Let's Roll Ice Rolling is very unique and invented a new taste of ice cream, the fresh taste of all ingredients together invents a new dreamy taste, the art of rolling the ice cream was first invented in Thailand, the idea is based on a -30 degrees celcius shock for all ingredients which is converted to ice cream, Let's Roll has the Thai ice cream concept developed by using all fresh ingredients without artificial concentrated flavors, For example, you get the strawberry flavor or color from the strawberry itself, clarity is our concept and A Natural Healthy Ice Cream is our goal.

And Try our fresh Crepes with Nutella, Strawberry, Banana, Crispy and Sugar,

and our Special Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow, Cream and Sauce(Choco,Strawberry,Caramel).

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We will be glade to help offer you all our best and to meet your requirments in the best way you want, we can make you a competetive offer for your event (party, celebration, Wedding or Birthday), we will add to your event a touch of art and taste, something new and unusual, making you unique and remembrable.

We can convert anything to ice cream, so don't miss any taste you like and try it as if you where in the ICE AGE.

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